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IRS Required Annual W-4 Notice

The IRS requires employers to remind their employees* annually to review and make any necessary changes to their W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate). This review will help you determine if your filing status and/or number of withholding allowances will need to change for the new tax year.

First, review your current W-4 tax status in the tax data box on your pay advice or payroll warrant, upper right hand corner. You can access your pay advice through the CU Resources page on your campus portal. The campus portals can be accessed through the following links:
Next, make any desired changes to your W-4 tax status. You can either update this information online through the CU Resources page on your campus portal (select the W-4 link under the “Employee Information” button), or by submitting an original W-4 form to PBS.  If submitting the W-4 form to PBS, the 2013 version will be posted to the PBS Forms page as soon as it is released by the IRS (in late December).  
The following IRS resources will help you in determining whether you need to update your W-4 tax information.
Additional Yearly Reminders from PBS
  • Employees with tax exempt status for 2012 will be notified directly by separate mailing of renewal procedures for 2013.
  • PBS will mail 2012 W-2s by January 31, 2013 as required. Look for a PBS News article to be posted on our homepage. Reissued copies of 2012 W-2s will be available starting Friday, February 15, 2013.
  • The 2013 Social Security wage base is $113,700.00, and the withholding maximum is $7,049.40 with a tax rate of 6.2%.  If your 2012 contributions have stopped due to meeting the 2012 maximum, deductions will resume effective January 1, 2013. No maximum applies for Medicare taxes, with a tax rate of 1.45%. Note: the Social Security and/or Medicare tax rates and limits may be subject to change if federal  legislation is passed to that effect. Any changes will be noted on the PBS web page if they will impact the 2013 tax year.
  • Effective January 1, 2013, the employee Medicare tax rate increases .09% from 1.45% to 2.35% on wages paid over $200,000 in a year. The employee’s actual liability for the additional tax will depend on the employee’s filing status and the amount of wages and other compensation paid to the employee and/or spouse.  The over-withholding and under-withholding of Meditax for employees will be reconciled when they file their personal tax returns.
If you have additional questions about your W-4 withholding, please call the PBS payroll line at (303) 860-4200, extension 2, or send an email to

*Note to International Employees
Do not submit a W-4 for 2013. International non-resident employees may only make W-4 changes under the supervision of International Tax Specialist. Contact an International Tax Specialist at one of the numbers listed below if you believe your status has changed. For all campuses call (303) 735-0816 or (303) 735-5534.


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